Fat Transplantation

As people age they loose thickness in the fatty layer of the skin. This causes the skin to sag and the face becomes unbalanced. If you look at your high school graduation picture will see that your face was fuller, not tighter. Many patients choose to have face lifts, which removes skin, when what they really need is to simply fill out the skin that they already have.

Fat transplantation involves extracting fat from the abdomen or hip and re-injecting this tissue into various parts of the face. The most common areas for fat transplantation are the cheekbones, lower cheeks, the tissues around the mouth, and the lower forehead. Filling these areas re-supports the structure of the face and provides a more youthful appearance. Fat transplantation is quite easy to have done, especially if a conservative approach is used. While some surgeons transplant massive amounts of fat at a time, which requires a prolonged recovery, we have found, after over 20  years of performing fat transplantation, that patients instead prefer a series of several small procedures. During each of the procedures, a small amount of fat is injected in all the appropriate areas. Normally there is moderate swelling the first day and slight swelling the day after this procedure. Most patients are able to appear in public within two days.

The fat is obtained from an area of excess fat, such as the abdomen or hips, thus giving a mini-liposuction. This benefits not only the face, but also the abdomen or hips as well. Enough fat is usually harvested during the first procedure for several additional procedures. The unused fat is frozen and simply thawed out when needed for additional facial transplantation sessions. Fat can be safely frozen and stored for at least one year.

Why choose us for fat transplantation?

Dr. Coleman is a pioneer in fat transplantation, performing this procedure since 1988. He has been invited to lecture on this procedure all over the world. After performing thousands of fat transplantation procedures he has developed the breath of experience that is needed to obtain the best aesthetic results from this procedure.

Before and Afters

Before picture of fat transplantation After picture of fat transplantation
Before After

Before picture of Fat Transfer After Picture of fat transfer
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