Hair Removal

Hair is good thing when it is on the head, but can be a bad thing on the upper lip of a female. Many women have areas of excess hair that they are constantly troubled with. Waxing, shaving, and depilatories work well to remove hair but it always come back. Thankfully there are more successful methods for removing hair.

is a time-tried method of removing individual hairs by destroying the hair follicle with a tiny electric needle. The success of this approach depends on the skill of the electrologist. Generally several sessions are needed to permanently remove excess hair. Because each hair follicle must be treated individually, electrolysis is quite time consuming and works best for limited areas of excess hair.

Laser Hair Reduction is a procedure in which  laser energy is used to destroy excess hair. Lasers can achieve permanent reduction of hair. This means that the total number of hairs  can be reduced permanently. To achieve the best results, a series of laser treatments are needed. The advantage of laser hair removal over electrolysis is that large areas can be treated more conveniently. Thus this is ideal for those with significant facial hair, pubic hair, and even hair under the arms and on the legs. Men sometimes choose laser hair reduction for excess hair on the body, especially the back.

Since the laser is a surgical instrument which can cause significant damage, including scarring, it is very important to chose a physician experienced in hair removal. Although in many states, non-physicians are allowed to use lasers for hair removal, there is often very little oversight and there have been numerous horror stories of patients injured by non-physicians attempting to perform this procedure.
All of the lead researchers in laser hair removal are dermatologists. We recently conducted a poll of dermatologists who perform laser removal and found that the top laser experts meet with the patient for each treatment and do not simply delegate the procedure to an assistant. To protect yourself, always be sure that a physician, preferably a dermatologist, oversees any laser treatment, including hair removal.
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