Laser Liposuction Precautions

You can find advertisements all over the internet for “laser liposuction” and “smart" liposuction (smartlipo) or "water jet" liposuction or "ultrasonic" liposuction. Beware, many of those advertising these procedures are general doctors with absolutely no training in surgery or liposuction, except for a weekend course from the company that sold them the device. It is no wonder that they are confused about the benefits of these instruments in liposuction. And worse, we are seeing increased complications from liposuction performed by untrained doctors. It takes an experienced expert to use this equipment properly. Patients should ignore all these gimmicks and choose an experienced liposuction surgeon. We employ state of the art equipment for our liposuction. We constantly evaluate the latest lasers, ultrasonic devices, and powered devices.

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