Liposuction New Orleans

Liposuction  is a method for removing excess body fat in order to improve body shape. The best candidates for liposuction are individuals who have localized excess areas of fat such as in the lower abdomen, saddlebags, neck, etc. Liposuction can be performed on all parts of the body and in conjunction with other procedures such as the neck and body lift. Patients who are significantly overweight usually do not benefit from liposuction. The ideal patient is within 10-15 pounds of their ideal body weight and committed to exercise and proper eating.

Liposuction and Anesthesia

Breakthroughs in anesthesia now allow liposuction to be performed entirely using local anesthesia. This avoids the dangers of general anesthesia. Dr. Coleman, Metairie dermatologist, is one of the original pioneers of local anesthesia liposuction, and he has served as an invited guest professor teaching this method all over the world. Our patients feel good immediately after their liposuction at our New Orleans / Metairie location, and usually have little or no post-operative pain. Most of our patients are able to drive and participate in light exercise the day after surgery.

Lasers and liposuction.

You can find advertisements all over the internet for “laser liposuction” and “smart" liposuction (smartlipo) or "water jet" liposuction or "ultrasonic" liposuction. Beware Many of those advertising these procedures are general doctors with absolutely no training in surgery or liposuction, except for a weekend course from the company that sold them the device. It is no wonder that they are confused about the benefits of these instruments in liposuction. And worse we are seeing increased complications from liposuction performed by untrained doctors. It takes an experienced expert to use this equipment properly. Patients should ignore all these gimmicks and choose an experienced liposuction surgeon.

TLC LiposculptureTM

TLC LiposculptureTM is an advanced laser method to improve skin tightening during liposuction. Dr. Coleman developed TLC LiposculptureTM , using external lasers and light sources on the skin the same day as liposuction to achieve additional skin tightening. The key to good results is finding an experienced surgeon, such as Dr. Coleman who has performed  liposuction on thousands of satisfied patients  from all over the world. We are especially proud that hundreds of physicians, nurses, and their families have chosen us for liposuction.

Why Choose Us for Liposuction?

Metairie dermatologist Dr. Coleman is one of the original pioneers of liposuction. He was one of the first physicians in the U.S. to learn and perform liposuction when it was first introduced in 1983. Dr. Coleman is recognized as an international authority in this field, serving as an invited guest professor to teach liposuction in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Of his over 300 scientific publications, 50 are on liposuction. He is also the co-author of three books on liposuction. If you would like a copy of his book: "Body Contouring: The New Art Of Liposculpture", it is available free to patients who visit us for a consultation. Or, to order a copy, call LL Cooper Publishing at 231-933-9958

Non Surgical Body Sculpting


For many years researchers have been working hard to develop an effective device which can dissolve fat without surgery. CoolSculpting uses cold energy to literally freeze fat cells to the point that they are destroyed and can be reabsorbed by the body. This treatment can be performed within an hour or two depending on the area. Although this approach is not as effective or precise as liposuction, it can be used to shrink away small areas of fat such as love handles. The ideal person for this procedure is one who is at or near his or her ideal body weight who wishes to shrink a small localized fat pocket, but does not want surgery. Research has shown that Cool Sculpting removes about 20-25% of the thickness of a fat pocket after one treatment. Most people will benefit from several treatments about three months apart.


UltraShape employs ultrasonic energy to destroy fat cells. Drs. William and Patrick Coleman, experts in dermatology in Metairie, LA and New Orleans, LA, were among the first doctors in the U.S to perform this procedure and served as Investigators for the FDA approval process. UltraShape requires three treatments two weeks apart and is ideal for small areas of excess fat.
Both Dr. William Coleman and Dr. Patrick Coleman are ready to advise you if these treatments are right for you, or if you would benefit more from liposuction. After over 25 years of performing liposuction, we are very experienced in body sculpting and are excited to offer our patients these new options.

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