Skin Growth Removal

Skin Growth Treatment New Orleans Various tumors and growths can alter a person’s appearance. What you used to consider a “beauty mark” in your youth can become quite ugly as it enlarges with age. Furthermore, some growths that appear in the sun-exposed areas of the body can be cancerous.

Whether the growth is benign or malignant it is important that you have the best cosmetic result after it is removed. The key to this is a meticulous surgical technique in the hands of an experienced doctor. When a growth is “shaved” or “burned” off it often leaves an indented scar. The best way to achieve the ideal cosmetic appearance after removing a growth is to surgically excise it. This involves carefully removing an elliptical piece of tissue and then carefully suturing the edges back together. Although all surgery on the skin leaves a scar, why not have the least scar possible? Drs. William and Patrick Coleman have had extensive training in skin surgery, and are highly experienced experts in tumor removal with minimal scarring.