Aging or Sun Damaged Skin

Over time as our skin ages, it shows signs of aging, including dark spots or age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.  While the sun can feel good and produce a tan, over time sun exposure produces cellular damage and increases the risk of skin cancer.  Smoking also rapidly increases the aging process of the skin.  We use state-of-the-art anti-aging laser skin treatment procedures that reduce wrinkles and help tighten and resurface the skin.  In addition, we employ all strengths of chemical peels which can help reduce the appearance of the effects of aging.

Before and Afters

Before Dermabrasion New Orleans After Dermabrasion New Orleans
Before Chemical Peel Face After Chemical Peel Face
Before Chemical Peel Chest procedure After Chest Chemical Peel
Before Fat Transplantation New Orleans After Fat Transplantation New Orleans
Before Skin Resurfacing New Orleans After Skin Resurfacing New Orleans
Before Eyelid Surgery New Orleans After Eyelid Surgery New Orleans
Before Fillers are used on smile lines After fillers are used on smile lines
Before Wrinkle Fillers New Orleans After Wrinkle Fillers New Orleans
Before dermabrasion procedure in New Orleans After Dermabrasion procedure in New Orleans
Before Laser Eyelid Surgery After Laser Eyelid Surgery
Before laser lower eyelids procedure After laser lower eyelids procedure