Drooping Eyelids

Over time, the skin around the eyes begins to sag and droop. Thankfully there are a number of fairly simple options for tightening this skin. If the skin is only slightly loose, laser resurfacing using modern fractionated technology can tighten both upper and lower lids. If skin is overhanging enough or beginning to interfere with peripheral vision, some of the skin can be removed in an  upper lid blepharoplasty procedure. The lower lids often bulge over time as excess fat begins to push to the surface. Lower lid blepharoplasty involves surgically removing some of this fat and tightening the lids.
 All of these procedures can be performed under local anesthesia, without the need for being put to sleep. Most of our patients are able to drive by the next day and appear in public without sunglasses within a week.

Before and Afters

Before a treatment with Botox After a treatment with Botox
before and after Botox of the forehead
Before a treatment with Botox for wrinkles. After a treatment with Botox for wrinkles.
Before Eyelid Surgery New Orleans After Eyelid Surgery New Orleans
Before Laser Eyelid Surgery After Laser Eyelid Surgery
Before laser lower eyelids procedure After laser lower eyelids procedure