Sagging Skin

As we age, our skin gradually loses elasticity.  Over time, the skin's underlying structure degrades, robbing our faces of their youthful fullness, contour, and resilience.  Skin also renews itself more slowly as we age.  Other factors include genetics, weight changes, and sun damage.  The combination of these factors leads to a sagging appearance of the skin.  Fortunately, many treatments are available to reduce sagging skin. These include skin tightening light based therapy such as Titan, fat transplantation, wrinkle fillers, and various lifts.

Before and Afters

Before Dermabrasion New Orleans After Dermabrasion New Orleans
Before Fat Transplantation New Orleans After Fat Transplantation New Orleans
Before Skin Resurfacing New Orleans After Skin Resurfacing New Orleans
Before Eyelid Surgery New Orleans After Eyelid Surgery New Orleans
Before Laser Eyelid Surgery After Laser Eyelid Surgery
Before laser lower eyelids procedure After laser lower eyelids procedure