Chronic acne can leave permanent scars on the face or trunk.  A scar is formed as the natural part of the healing process.  These scars vary from deep pitted scars to angular and wavelike depressions.  Fortunately, excellent treatments are available at our office to reduce the appearance of acne scarring.  Surgical dermabrasion can be highly effective in smoothing out or removing these scars, as well as scars from accidents or surgery. Dermabrasion can also be used to remove severely sun damaged skin and is also an excellent way to improve  wrinkles, such as those on the upper lip or chin. (This procedure is very different from microdermabrasion which is a spa technique).
Surgical dermabrasion usually requires a week or so of initial healing before the patient can appear in public. But this recovery time is certainly  worth it to the many people who have achieved excellent improvement in their scars.

Various lasers can also be used to improve the depth or color of scars. Some scars can also benefit from injection with wrinkle fillers or fat. Some scars should be surgically removed and repaired.

Scar treatments require a skilled physician to achieve the best results. Both Drs.William and Patrick Coleman are highly trained in all types of scar treatment and happy to discuss options with you.

Before and Afters

Dermabrasion for scars Before Dermabrasion for scars After
Before dermabrasion procedure in New Orleans After Dermabrasion procedure in New Orleans
Before Dermabrasion New Orleans After Dermabrasion New Orleans