Wrinkles and Fine Lines

As the body ages, collagen in the skin loosens. Wrinkles and fine lines appear in areas of high activity such as forehead, cheeks, eyes, and mouth.
Drs William and Patrick Coleman use a variety of techniques to reduce or eliminate wrinkles. BotoxTM, DysportTM and Xeomin® must be skillfully injected to obtain the best results. These are often carefully combined with a variety of wrinkle fillers, chemical peels, and laser and intense pulsed light treatments to rejuvenate the face and neck.
 Recently some non-dermatologists have begun to use some of these techniques, sometimes with disastrous results. Some doctors even delegate these treatments to an assistant or nurse!
All our patients are treated personally either  by Dr. William or Dr. Patrick Coleman.

Before and Afters

Before Dermabrasion New Orleans After Dermabrasion New Orleans
Before a treatment with Botox After a treatment with Botox
before and after Botox of the forehead
Before a treatment with Botox for wrinkles. After a treatment with Botox for wrinkles.
Before Chemical Peel Face After Chemical Peel Face
Before Chemical Peel Chest procedure After Chest Chemical Peel
Before Skin Resurfacing New Orleans After Skin Resurfacing New Orleans
Before Fillers are used on smile lines After fillers are used on smile lines
Before Wrinkle Fillers New Orleans After Wrinkle Fillers New Orleans
Before Laser Eyelid Surgery After Laser Eyelid Surgery
Before laser lower eyelids procedure After laser lower eyelids procedure