Non Surgical Body Sculpting

Cool Sculpting and UltraShape

For many years researchers have been working hard to develop an effective device which can dissolve fat without surgery.. Cool Sculpting (Zeltiq) uses cold energy to literally freeze fat cells to the point that they are destroyed and can be reabsorbed by the body. This safe treatment can be performed within an hour or two depending on the area. Research has shown that Cool Sculpting removes about 20-25% of the thickness of a fat pocket after one treatment. Most people will benefit from several treatments about three months apart.
 UltraShape employs ultrasonic energy to destroy fat cells. Drs. William and Patrick Coleman were among the first doctors in the U.S to perform this procedure and served as Investigators for the FDA approval process. UltraShape requires three treatments two weeks apart and is ideal for small areas of excess fat.

Although these approaches are not as effective or precise as liposuction, they can be used to shrink away small areas of fat such as love handles. The ideal person for this approach is one who is at or near his or her ideal body weight who wishes to shrink a localized fat pocket, but does not want surgery.

Both Dr. Colemans are ready to advise you if these treatments are right for you, or if you would benefit more from liposuction. After over 30 years of performing liposuction, we are very experienced in body sculpting and are excited to offer our patients these new options.Both Dr. Colemans are ready to advise you if this treatment is right for you, or, if you would benefit more from liposuction.

See: Dr Coleman discussing Cool Sculpting on WWL News:

Cool Sculpting Results

CoolSculpting Before Coolsculpting after image

UltraShape Results

Ultrashape before and after image